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Laheeb Arabians

Main Office
Stud Row
Our Sales

Welcome to Laheeb Arabians. We are a private breeding facility for the great
Arabian Horse. LA is part of an equine simulation game called Riata. Therefore, none
of this is real.

About Us
LA is located in Central Illinois & is set out onto 100+ acres of lush, green land.
We feature 4 wooden/steel barns which are our Showstring, Stud Row,
Broodmare/Foal Barn, & our Sale Barn. Surrouning our farm, lies 6 paddocks. Each
1.5 acres. We have 3 round pens right in front of the Main Office.

Thanks for visiting Laheeb Arabians & enjoy your stay!

Laheeb Arabian Horses

None of this is real. It takes part in an equine simulation game called Riata.